Change of mind

As of Friday, I was going to brace myself and read Harper Lee’s new book “Go Set A Watchman.”

Then I woke up Saturday morning and hopped onto Facebook and Twitter, and the few tweets and posts I did see made my heart drop into my stomach.

It seems that in “Watchman” Atticus Finch may not be the man we thought he was. I didn’t click on any of the reviews or links, but the little I did see in my feeds had me quickly deciding that no, I would not read this book.

As my mom put it “I want to love Mockingbird just as it is.” I don’t want something Lee wrote 55 years ago, and before she penned Mockingbird, to taint my favorite book.

I don’t know that this means I’ll never read “Watchman,” but right now is not the time for me to read it.

So I’ll continue with Judy Blume’s “In the Unlikely Event,” which is great. I will also be wandering the shelves of D.C.’s Politics & Prose on Monday with some coworkers to see Don Winslow speak and will probably pick up another book (or two or three) then.

Any suggestions for a summery read?


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