We all have our weaknesses

On Friday, I was helping get out the word about The Washington Independent Review of Books, a book review and features website run by a team of book-loving volunteers. I am the social media director for the review.

While stationed at a booth set up one the bottom floor of D.C.’s awesome Politics & Prose, a woman came up to see what it was all about. I handed her a coupon that would allow 20 percent of her purchases to go to the Independent. Sadly, she had already bought a few books. Showing me her full bag, she said “I’d buy more, but I have to steel myself. It’s a weakness I give into too much.”

And I said, “we all have our weaknesses, don’t we?” She nodded, knowingly. 

I have many weaknesses, my penchant for buying books far faster than I can ever read them being one. But it’s good to know what your weaknesses are and to accept them. To change them, if they’re something that needs changing, or to just say “this is who I am, these are the weakest parts of me.” 

Accepting our weaknesses and vulnerabilities is hard, but in doing so, we may be able to better understand ourselves.


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