Review: ‘Bad Feminist’ by Roxane Gay

This little blog o’ mine isn’t the only place I have been writing reviews. Recently, I started to write some for the Washington Independent Review of Books. My first one is a review of Roxane Gay’s wonderful “Bad Feminist.” The beginning of the review is posted below, and you can check out the whole thing here

In Roxane Gay’s new collection of essays, Bad Feminist, she tackles not only what it is to be a feminist (and a bad one, at that), but also what it means to be a human being.

In the introduction, Gay embraces the label of “bad feminist” because she is flawed and human. She likes music that degrades women and watches movies that “tell stories of men as if men’s stories are the only stories that matter.” The sentiment that we are all flawed is what carries the collection. The essays are serious, entertaining, thought-provoking, and brave. Gay does not shy away from the truth, nor does she sugarcoat it.


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