Writing bug

by kmdbookworm

I have a new job, and in this new job (which I am enjoying greatly) I get to write. I haven’t written on a daily basis since college ended four years ago. And now that I am writing more in my worklife, the desire to write outside of that has also grown.

On Sunday I meet with my ESOL (English Speaker of Other Languages) student for the first time. And I think that has also pushed me to want to write more. To write about the experience. To write to remember the beauty in the English language and impart that beauty to my student. I’m excited about this adventure. I am nervous. My student is a young woman from Thailand; someone who has come to our country and left all the she knew behind to live a better life here in the U.S. I know I would not be so brave.

I look forward to the day when she can tell me about the decision to come here, and about all the she has left behind in the name of freedom and chance.

So stick with this blog if you’d like to read about those experiences, about books and about all the random musings of a city-living twentysomething.