The return of a favorite band

Today was a typical Friday. I headed out to work around 10:30 a.m., grabbed a bagel and coffee from the Starbucks around the corner from the Metro station and headed into the office. I booted up my computer and logged into Spotify, wondering what tunes I would choose to edit to today.

A  notification popped up on my Spotify app, the No. 1 in a little red box, which lets users know a new song or album has been added. It was to my surprise that when I clicked on it I saw the artist adding a new song was Nickel Creek, one of my favorite bands. At first I thought that maybe it was an old track finally getting added to the site — but no, it’s brand new.

Tears welled in my eyes. I had not heard that Nickel Creek had gotten back together — they went on hiatus in 2007 — let alone that they were releasing a whole new album (coming out April 1). I can’t really remember when I started listening to Nickel Creek. I think it must have been while I was in college.

But somehow when I went off to Ireland spring semester of my junior year of college, I started listening to them in earnest. I guess their beautiful, smooth acoustic music just seemed to fit in with the green rolling hills and valleys of the Emerald Island. And one song in particular stayed with me that entire time — “When You Come Back Down.” That was a rough time for me, for as much as I loved living in Ireland, being away from all family and friends for 6 months in a place so new came with a great loneliness I didn’t expect. The friendships I made there were tenuous and hard to sustain. But listening to Nickel Creek while on the bus gliding past rainbows and greener than green farmland kept me grounded. And “When You Come Back Down” was my theme song to all the ups and downs of that time.

Even to this day, 6 years after that adventure, listening to Nickel Creek always brings me back to that beautiful and wild country.

I cannot wait for the release of this new album.


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