Garth Nix to release prequel to Abhorsen trilogy

Garth Nix released the first novel in his fantasy Abhorsen trilogy, Sabriel, in 1995.


I didn’t read Sabriel until I was in high school, and finished it and the second book, Lirael, within a week (unless my shoddy memory is betraying me). The third book in the series, Abhorsen, was released in 2003.

Now, more than a decade later, Nix will return to the Old Kingdom for a prequel called Clariel. It’s set 600 years before Sabriel. I can’t wait for it, and though it’s not set to hit bookshelves until October 2014, that will give me enough time to reread the others so I can be reacquainted with the Old Kingdom and relive a series I adored as a teen.

Sabriel is set in a fantasy world called the Old Kingdom and follows a young woman named Sabriel who can travel between the land of the living and the dead and must make a trip into the Underworld on her own to find her father who has become stuck there. Lirael follows the journey of a clairvoyant young woman in the Old Kingdom and Abhorsen continues the two women’s journeys.

Find a bit more about the new book and check out its cover here.


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