Reading 125 books a year?! This guy does

by kmdbookworm

Have you ever tried to read a book every day for a year? One author interviewed by NPR has tried.

Yesterday NPR Books posted an interview with an author who reads 125 books or more a year! I’ve tried for the past 5 years or so to get to 50, so 125 seems almost impossible to me. But author Joe Queenan has read more than 250 in a year (where he tried to read one every day, but lost steam.) Wowza.

The interview is really interesting, however there’s some things he said that ruffled my feathers a little, especially when he says why he thinks people read and how much he thinks the average person reads in  a year.

Give the interview a listen and let me know what you think of Queenan’s thoughts and reading habits. Are any similar to your own?