Link Love: Young readers and e-readers

I came across two great stories on reading yesterday.

The first is an NPR interview on a study that says younger readers (or those 16 to 29 years old), which is great news in today’s world of digital entertainment. The main author of the study, in the NPR interview, says the study “found that about 8 in 10 Americans under the age of 30 have read a book in the past year. And that’s compared to about 7 in 10 adults in general, American adults. So, they’re reading — they’re more likely to read, and they’re also a little more likely to be using their library.”

So if you were afraid the younger generation cares less about reading, well I am pleased to say you’re wrong.

Another article, from The Atlantic, is about how publishers are handling the growth of e-readers and the complicated transition to digital reading, and it says most are handling it just fine. As e-readers become more popular, publishers are finally able to make a profit from e-books, now becoming competitive with the sales of hardcovers. It’s an interesting article and in the end basically says that the means to get books out to readers certainly has changed, but publishers still need to find books people will love and work with the authors to reach their readers through any way possible.


3 thoughts on “Link Love: Young readers and e-readers”

      1. social media is an obvious choice but also publishers can have a digital library of the books available as e-books, so that the public has an easier way of accessing them. Having a convenient way of purchasing and browsing e-books.

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