Review of the ‘The Gold Coin’ by Andrea Kane

Romance, mystery and a bit of danger await in the pages of “The Gold Coin” by Andrea Kane. Both a romance and a thriller, this novel was the perfect, quick read for me.

The plot centers around two cousins living in England in the early 1800s, Anastasia and Breanna. The girls look almost identical, despite having very disparate personalities. They are incredibly close, and family and loyalty are qualities they share — a quality Breanna’s father, George, greatly lacks. When the girls are young their grandfather gives them each a coin, one gold and one silver. He tells them not to tell anyone of the coins, or give them away for any reason. Anastasia must soon after move away from Breanna to America, where her father works in the banking business. After her parents untimely deaths, Anastasia returns to England. Both girls, because of their commitment to their grandfather and unwillingness to part with their coins, are granted a large inheritance from their late grandfather. However, this does not please George, who is a scheming businessman who feels any family money should be his. The girls soon find themselves entwined in his greed and need to become as powerful as possible — and gain their inheritances in anyway possible. Anastasia meets a partner of her father before he died, who also works with Breanna’s father, Damen. The two fall in love and together, with Breanna’s help, must find a way to stop George before he can do harm to either girl.

The plot is not too complicated, and this novel find its strengths in the wonderful characterization of Anastasia and Damen. Their romance was perfectly executed and very believable. I loved Anastasia as the smart and headstrong girl, especially for the time it was set in. I only wish Kane had spent a little more time on Breanna, Anastasia and Damen steal the show, and I wish that Breanna as the more reserved and submissive woman had been fleshed out more.

If you’re looking for a good page-turner on a cold, rainy day, this is the perfect novel for you.


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