Weekend of catching up on reading

It seems I may have gotten myself in a little too much over my head when it comes to my reading list.

I am still only halfway through Michael Chabon’s “Telegraph Avenue” and J.K. Rowling’s “A Casual Vacancy.” Then, I requested books from a website that lets you read and review advance copies of books for publishers. I figured since I am not a professional blogger, nor am I blogging for a company, that the chance I would be approved to review books would be slim.

Apparently not.

So now I have been approved for five books! Oops! But I am already well into one, “The Gold Coin” by Andrea Kane, which I am really liking. And many of the others I can’t put up a review until a month out of their publishing date. However, when you download them, you are given a window of 55 days to read them.

So this weekend I will be doing a lot of reading (mixed in with some football watching.) Sunday is going to be cold and incredibly rainy, which I am thankful for. It’s so much easier to curl up with a book when it’s gross out than on a sunny fall day.

I’ll hopefully get Rowling’s book done tonight. Chabon’s by Sunday evening and then Kane’s by Monday night.


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