To e-read or not to e-read

by kmdbookworm

I’ve written about this before, but it’s still on my mind.

To e-read or not to e-read?

I’ve gone back and forth over the past couple years. I own a Nook Color, and I own a 100+ books. I love books, the smell, the feel, how virtually indestructible they are. Books are perfection as is.

But then e-readers are the new normal. And they’re great in some ways. Hundreds, if not thousands, of books at the click of a button. Easily transportable. And library friendly, too! Plus, I’ve begun to get advance e-copies of books to review, which pretty much require an e-reader.

But my Nook Color is not ideal for my reading style. It’s great for at home, but clunky and heavy when on the go. So I’ve been, since it came out in the spring, looking at the Nook Glowlight. It seems perfect for my needs, though reviewers saying the screen is extremely fragile leave me a bit wary.

The major question is, can I be an e-reader reader through and through? If I splurge (yes, for me it’s a splurge) on the Nook Glowlight ($139) then I have to use it. A lot. And pass by on paper books for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean I’ll never buy a paper book again in my life, though.

Pros of an new Nook: Portable, convenient, small and lightweight since I read a lot of 800+page books, e-books are a *bit* cheaper, makes moving easier since I will not be adding more physical books to my collection.

Cons: E-books seem non-permanent. Can’t lend books to family, friends. I feel like I am betraying indie bookstores and bibliophiles. I want a library brimming with books in my future home.

Sigh. Hard decision.