National Book Festival reviewed

This weekend was the National Book Festival, held Saturday and Sunday on D.C.’s National Mall and sponsored by the Library of Congress.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

I went both days and saw many authors speak. Every one was incredibly inspiring and impassioned about what they do. It made me want to pick up a pen and start writing! The festival was really well set up, with different tents for each genre — ranging from History and Biography to Children. The authors were given a good amount of time to speak and then take questions, with a couple hours or more allotted for book signings either earlier or later in the day. I did not go to any book signings, while there were authors there I enjoy, there weren’t any I truly love … well maybe I love a few now after seeing them speak!

The authors I saw speak included John Green, Lois Lowry, Robert A Caro, Mitch McConnelly, Bob Woodward, Junot Diaz and Christopher Paolini.

Of those I would have to say my favorite three were Junot Diaz, for being honest, hilarious and full of wisdom; John Green for being a truly great man and a wonderful inspiration for teenagers (the crowd treated him like a rockstar, which he is); and Christopher Paolini for being adorable and very friendly and fun for his younger audience and especially well-spoken for such a young author with an even younger audience.

And that was the best part — there were so many amazing children and young adult authors at the festival, and I loved seeing how much the little ones there adored them and cheered for them. I now have no doubt the next generation will love to read just as much as I do.

Anyone who says people don’t read any more has never been to something like the National Book Festival, because it was visited by thousands of people who love nothing more than a good book.


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