What kind of reader are you?

by kmdbookworm

Two great articles were floating around on social media sites last week about what kind of readers people are.

An article in the New Yorker was written by a reader who will begin a book and then set it aside when he sees another that interests him — and often he doesn’t get back to finishing the first book.

Stemming off that, The Atlantic wrote an article about the different types of readers out there.

The one amazing thing about the Internet and books is how much it connects the different publishers and news outlets — they all feed off one another with different spins on ideas and book habits, but I digress …

For me, I’m a mix of readers. I definitely a bit of the “promiscuous reader”/”multi-tasker.” For example, right now I am juggling “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Color Purple” and “Life of Pi.” Sometimes, such as with “The Color Purple,” I’ll start a book, put it down to read another and leave it sitting half read on my nightstand. But I almost always get around to finishing it … eventually.

I’m also the “Cross-Under” reader, where I love, love, love YA fiction and fantasy. I got stuck in the teen section at B&N yesterday and walked out with two YA novels. I almost succumbed to getting three, but then I had that awkward moment where I couldn’t remember if I already owned one of the books. I’ll have to check for it when I next go home.

What kind of reader are you? What are you currently reading?