Rediscovering a book you’ve already read

In December, the movie version of “Life of Pi” will be showing on the silver screen. I read the book about a decade ago (that’s just odd to say, makes me feel old, though of course I know 24 is still very, very young.) But in anticipation of the film adaptation I decided to reread it.

In rereading it I am more rediscovering it, because really I don’t remember any of it but the vaguest of plot summaries. It makes me wonder how many wonderful books I have forgotten about. Ones I’ve read and know I loved. but really don’t remember anything about.

“Life of Pi” is turning out to be even better the second time around. That might be thanks to just being older and having more appreciation for it. At some point I will have to go back and reread many of the books I may not have appreciated years ago, but would understand and relate to more now. Maybe I’ll even find some appreciation for “The Great Gatsby” … maybe.


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