A three year affair with ‘Les Miserables’

My copy of “Les Miserables”

Finished. Finally. About three years, 1,500 pages and 26 sticky notes later, I have finished “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.

Quite an accomplishment. Books don’t normally take me three years to read, maybe a few weeks at the most. But “Les Mis” was a struggle. It’s long, very richly written and not the type of book you can pick up and read for just a few minutes. When reading it I needed to be able to commit at least an hour or more of my time. And I also very often got distracted by other, shorter and easier books.

But all that aside, it was a wonderful book. Hugo is an artist, and his main instrument is words. His prose is lofty, but beautiful. I marked up more than 20 pages with quotes I loved, many more than I usually flag. And when I set it down, the characters and story stayed with me. A lot of the book is slogging through unnecessary detail and history lessons, but the story is a marvelous one.

Now I’m all set to see the star-studded film version that will open in theaters around Christmas. The musical is  different from the book, but I guess it must be otherwise it would be days, not three hours, long. I don’t have huge expectations for the movie — but I hope it potrays the beauty of Hugo’s writing and characters well.


2 thoughts on “A three year affair with ‘Les Miserables’”

  1. Wow three years! That must feel so great to have finally finished! I don’t really know much about Les Miserables but it seems to be a book that a lot of people love, or rather – a story everyone loves.

    Might have to investigate me thinks! 🙂

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