Fifty Shades finished

I’ll admit it. I read all three Fifty Shades of Grey books by E.L. James. I’ll also admit I only paid for one. My advice, don’t waste your money on them.

However, I won’t totally knock them either. I see and understand the appeal. You really can’t take it too seriously.

The books are, summed up, horribly written, cookie-cutter romance and only slightly more erotic than most. Yet somewhat entertaining.

Take them with a grain of salt. Read them or don’t, your life most likely won’t be changed either way besides maybe having something extra to talk about with your girlfriends.

There are a ton of romance novelists out there. I think I’ll stick with Nora Roberts. Her books have more fleshed out plots, are much better written and there’s a plethora of them to choose from.


2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades finished”

  1. I really liked the books but agree they are badly written. They are only mildly erotic and I have read so much more hardcore BDSM novels. This is mainstream BDSM,

    It was the story itself that I liked and I’m glad I read them.

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