I have been reading “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo for about 3 years now (no lie) and am 500 pages from finishing.

If you’ve read “Les Mis,” you probably understand why it has taken me so long. If you haven’t, let me say that I haven’t finished because it’s a bad book. Far from it. It’s taken me so long because A.) It’s 1,500 pages long and B.)  Hugo is terribly long-winded and his prose is so rich that it’s hard to read more than a few dozen pages in one sitting.

So, I must and will finish it by Monday. I will. Really. Seriously. Hopefully.

Ever have a book that you want to finish and just can’t seem to cross the finish line with? Let me know!


1 thought on “Determination”

  1. I’ve had a book or three that I kept putting down despite my determination to finish it, but I’ve never taken years. I commend you for sticking with it!

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