I am a reader. It’s what I do.

I haven’t updated this in a while. Part of that was just being busy with other things, another part having some writer’s block and the last part not really getting much response to my posts. I feel I have a decent enough view count when I write, but very few comments and discussion.

But the desire to read and write has come back to me tonight. Part of that might be all the thoughts that are running through my head as I read “Fahrenheit 451” for the first time, or also maybe my dislike (or non-interest) in “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen or perhaps even the very non-enthusiastic reaction I got by saying reading was one of my biggest interests. And they all sort of intertwine.

To explain further, I read “Freedom” and didn’t like it. It was an OK book and Franzen is a fine writer with a good style. But it didn’t move me. Should it have moved me? “The great American novel” it’s been lauded. Well, OK, but I don’t get that label. Sure it’s a pretty good, concise rendering and commentary on society today, but it doesn’t cross any boundaries. It’s about a family and divorce and everyday people hyperbolized. I could watch the news or TV drama and get as much out of it.

And then I go out with some people I know and say reading is one of my big interests, and instead of a reaction like “oh, I love to read too.” or “what are your favorite books?” I get a look that says alright, whatever, what are your other interests? And then one of there’s  was making out. Which makes me wonder what kind of 20-something I am. Or whether I have to fit into any kind of prescribed stereotype of my age group.

And then tonight I get into “Fahrenheit 451,” and a lot of it resonates with me and with society today. I hope we never become a society where reading is passe, or sitting down with a long novel to while away the hours is abnormal. I know so many readers, and just as many non-readers. And if you’re not into reading, that’s fine. But I hope there’s never a time where being a reader is an oddity. Technology is never going to stop changing things and it is changing HOW we read. But I hope it never makes  reading a novel obsolete.

Because I am a reader. It is what I love and what I do. And I hope people understand that and embrace that.


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