Winter of lit on the silver screen

“The Great Gatsby” movie trailer just hit the Web and is causing a lot of stir. It’s certainly not quite what people thought it would be like. Mostly because the trailer is set to a Jay-Z-Kanye West song as well as a U2 song redone by Jack White.

I’ll admit I hated “The Great Gatsby” when I read it in high school. That was the book everyone seemed to like, while one of my favorites “The Grapes of Wrath” was one of the books everyone seemed to dislike. Go figure.

But what’s interesting about the presumptive blockbusters hitting theaters this winter, is how they are all based off of hugely popular books. Many movies these days are based of books, true, but I think this winter takes the cake: “The Great Gatsby,” “Les Miserables,” “Anna Karenina” and “Life of Pi.” All classics in their own right. Two of them greatly epic novels.

I hated “Les Mis” when I saw it on Broadway. Then again, I think I hated a lot of things when I was a preteen that I’ve grown to appreciate now. And the book of “Les Mis” is incredible, if way too long and sluggish at times. Three years and running with trying to get through all 1,400 pages of it. But I need to finish it before seeing the movie in December, so there’s some incentive.

I also haven’t read “Anna Karenina” yet. So that will be slated for this summer, as will a re-reading of “Life of Pi,” which I loved.

And as for “The Great Gatsby,” maybe I’ll give it a try. I will go see the movie, though, if only for the wonderfulness that is Leonardo DiCaprio.


1 thought on “Winter of lit on the silver screen”

  1. The Great Gatsby is my most favorite book… but I understand why a lot of people hate it… the trailer of the movie looks great!
    I just posted something about Gatsby on my blog.. do have a look… maybe it will change your mind about the book!

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