Maurice Sendak dies at 83

by kmdbookworm

It’s always sad when an author passes away. Especially as beloved a children’s author as Maurice Sendak.

Sendak died Tuesday at age 83 in Connecticut after complications from a stroke. (You can read the obit here)

I was never a huge Sendak fan. But of course I own and have read “Where the Wild Things Are,” the book he is best known for. I know many my age and older look to this book as part of their childhood.

As the obit said: “In book after book, Mr. Sendak upended the staid, centuries-old tradition of American children’s literature, in which young heroes and heroines were typically well scrubbed and even better behaved; nothing really bad ever happened for very long; and everything was tied up at the end in a neat, moralistic bow.”

I was always one for those cookie-cutter type of stories as a child. But now as an adult I realize the importance of what Sendak did, and how children can understand and relate to something a little less fairy tale-esque and a little more real.

Many will mourn Sendak’s passing, but his works will truly live on.