In search for the perfect place to read

I have discovered many places in Washington. Good restaurants, a local coffee shop to visit and, of course, places to go shopping.

But I’m still in search of one thing: A good place to read.

I love my little city studio apartment, but it’s too distracting being so close to my laptop and TV.

There’s a cute coffee shop down the street from me, but that means I will be spending money every time I go there to read and it’s often very crowded. Of course, living in D.C. I could read near the National Monument or Tidal Basin. But again, there’s the problem of hoards of people. I don’t need absolute quiet, but can’t read with a ton of noise or activity around me either.

The ideal spot would be close to a place for a snack or drink, but that also has a bench in the sun. A small park would probably be perfect. So let the search begin!

Where is your ideal spot to read?


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