Not a book, but a lasting piece of history

The British library recently spent 9 million pounds … for a book.

Yes, just one small and extremely old book.

The BBC reported the sale of the St. Cuthbert Gospel, which is thought to be from the 7th century. It was found buried with an early Christian leader.

Nine million pounds is a lot for a book, but not for such a great piece of ancient history.

Stories like this, I think, cause a lot of reflection today. In 13 centuries from now, will books still be around to uncover? How will discoveries of this type be made? Will a book be found through a buried USB device or e-reader? And, lastly, would an e-reader keep as well as the book did?

E-readers can break in a myriad of ways, but a book can only perish through water, fire or the hands of time.

Maybe we should all pick a few of our favorite tomes to be buried with, just in case.


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