Not giving up, just taking a break

I decided to put “All the King’s Men” aside for a little while. Though I like the plot and think the writing is magnificent, I just couldn’t get into the characters.

Instead I’m now reading “Widow of the South,” which I grabbed off my mom’s pile of read books before I came back to PSU.

So far, so good. It’s set during the Civil War after the bloody Battle of Franklin — five of the bloodiest hours of the war. It’s really interesting and based on a true story. It’s about Carrie McGavock after the plantation she lives one becomes a hospital and later burying-ground for the soldiers who died in the battle. She meets a soldier and he awakens feelings in her she hadn’t felt in a long time.

I love historical fiction — especially when based on real people — and have always been intrigued by the Civil War/American Revolution because of the way they fought. Standing in lines face to face with the enemy and how much dying for the cause was glorified.

In about a week I’m already halfway through the book, which is about 400 pages.

It has taken a weird twist at this point and I’m not sure what to make of what happened when I just set it down yesterday, but hopefully it’ll continue to be engaging and compelling.

I’m not sure how much I like Carrie right now, she’s a little morbid. But I love her soldier-interest, Zachariah Cashwell.


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