Reading in secrect or reading to share

I saw an interesting post on the ArtsBeat blog on the NYTimes today. It was about whether people like to keep what they read to themselves — because they feel that the book is something special to them, something they don’t want to have to share — or whether they are public about their reading.

I am extremely public. I love suggesting books to people, talking about them and having others give me suggestions. I even have an account on, which inventories the books I own and read and also is  place for people to discuss anything they want when it comes to books.

 However, when I love a book I love it. And I don’t like to listen to harsh criticism of the things I love. The love of a book for me is deep and sometimes unexplainable so I’m not very good at articulating why I love it so much and thus when people criticize it I don’t always have a good comeback argument.

But I will listen to criticism, I’ll rarely agree and I’ll usually be stubborn about my love for the book. I’m very protective of what I love and why.

What about you? Are you a public reader or private?


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