When a book bores do you continue or set it aside?

I’m currently reading “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren. It’s won numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize. But, while Warren is a master at writing, I’m starting to get bored of the novel.

I’m about 253 pages in and just feel no attachment to the book. The characters are portrayed well, but I don’t feel for any of them. I definitely get into a book more when there’s a character I vehemently dislike and absolutely love. And this book doesn’t have that.

It follows the rise and fall of a politician named Willie Stark. I don’t really like Willie, but I don’t hate him. The book is about the lives of Willie and the men he associates with — and how politics affects their lives. But action? Adventure? Romance? None. And I’m not saying every book has to be chock full of these things, but this novel could use a little bit of something to quicken the pace.

Now the dilemma … do I struggle through it or let it go? If I struggle through it, it will take me a while to finish the book. But if I set it aside, maybe to read at another time, then I’ll be set back half a book for my reading challenge.

Has anyone read it? Is it worth finishing? (I have 400 pages to go…)


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