I like to read in public

Despite my desire to have a library in my house (not a huge one — just a small room full of oak bookcases, comfy chairs and no electronics) I feel I read better in public. And by public I mean in a library, outside, in a coffee house or at a restaurant.

Today I went to Panera to grab lunch and decided to eat there since I had some reading to do for class. And the reading got done, I paid more attention to it and soaked it in better. I think this is because when I’m in my apartment something always distracts me. From dirty dishes in the sink to my laptop and the TV — I always find my attention fading from what I’m reading after about a half hour.

I don’t always have the time (or really the money) to go to a coffee place or restaurant to read. But I’m thinking in order to keep with my goal of 7 books by May (I’m currently at 1 and 1/2) I should try to get myself away from my TV/Cell phone/computer and go to the library or student union or even Starbucks to read.

Maybe if I do so I can beat my goal of seven books.

Do you have a special place where you like to read?


1 thought on “I like to read in public”

  1. I love to read outside. Be it in hammok (is that how you spell it?) or lying on a rock by the lake, outside with nature sounds only is the most realaxing place to curl up and imerse yourself in a good book.

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