Author of ‘Holes’ to release new book

by kmdbookworm

When I was in sixth grade my English teacher took time from every class period to read “Holes” to us. And the whole class (as well as I can recall) loved the book.

I just recently stumbled across an article about Louis Sachar’s newest novel, “The Cardturner.” The story follows a 7-year-old boy named Alton Richards who has to hang out at the bridge club with his blind uncle.  He soon falls for a neighborhood girl and uncovers a wealth of secrets about his uncle. The tagline for the book is “A novel about imperfect partners, and infinite possibilities”  The book is is set to be released May 11.

And actually when I looked up some of Sachar’s other books I realized he also wrote the Wayside series. I loved “Wayside School is Falling Down” as a kid. So I’m pretty excited to get my hands on Sachar’s new novel. And maybe relive my childhood and take out “Holes” from the local library.