Taking a tour, based on books

by kmdbookworm

Found a total gem of a story in the Washington Post this evening about going on a tour of New York as through the eyes of characters from famous children’s novels. From the princess of the Plaza Hotel, Eloise, to Stuart Little, the article talks about places to visit that occur in the books.

While in London I took a day trip to Oxford and went on a fabulous book tour of the city. I loved Oxford and the book tour was wonderful. It was through Blackwell books and an elderly gentleman, who reminded me of Michael Cain, was the guide and I was joined by two adorable older British women. The guide showed us where famous authors such as  Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll and J.R.R. Tolkien lived and studied.

But I never thought of doing a NYC literary walking tour, and it sounds like a fun adventure to take on my own someday or with a friend. And I think I’ll have to try it — so many books have been set in NYC after all.