From page to screen

There are very few books, so few I can’t really think of any except for “Gone With the Wind,” that I have enjoyed the movie as much as the book.

With the movie version of “Lovely Bones,” which was very popular when it first came out in print, coming out this weekend I’m not sure what to expect out of it. I don’t remember the book crystal clearly because I read it a while ago, however I’m interested to see how it will translate onto the big screen.

But, like with most books turned into movies for me, I’ll probably still think the book is better. A lot of people I’ve talked to about this felt the same way as me but there’s also a lot who prefer just seeing the movie to reading the book. The problem for me with transferring a book into a movie is it’s never what I imagined it to be, but how could it? First, Hollywood is going to do whatever it can to add action, adventure and more drama to make it more entertaining to watch. Second, there’s no way they could ever know how I envisioned the characters, scenes and settings.

One of the best parts about books is how much imagination must be used when reading them. Characters and places can be described in detail, but not matter what each person is going to build a different image in his or her mind. So, just because I didn’t see Susie Salmon looking like Saoirse Ronan, doesn’t mean  that Ronan isn’t what the director saw when he read it. [I at least hope the director read the book.]

So while I rarely find the movie a good adaptation of the book, I’m going to try to enjoy the movie just as much and not compare it so closely to the written work.


2 thoughts on “From page to screen”

  1. For me only movie better than book is Pride & Prejudice … though people, many, have argued with me. I think they took the tension that Jane Austen intended for the book and amplified it, so I was more in love with the romance in the movie than in the book. But definitely the exception to the rule.

    Also, I’ve heard they didn’t do a great job translating the “in between” aspect of the book to the movie. I haven’t read the book, but that’s the early buzz i read about.

    Hope your semester is starting off swimmingly 🙂

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