For life’s not a paragraph

I had this irresistable urge to read poems by e.e. cummings a few weeks ago, but I left my book of his works at home. And it is the only one I’ve seen at the bookstore on campus and at Webster’s. But I took a chance and checked out the poetry section because I was in the bookstore anyway. And they had a different book of his poems.

 It has quite a few repeats from the book I already have, but I was in need of it so I bought the book. It’s great. And I feel like poetry is almost a lost art. People don’t walk around reading poetry books (that I’ve seen), I rarely hear people talk about poetry and I am sure if you asked people who their favorite poet was they probably wouldn’t have an answer.

Actually, Thursday was National Poetry Day, though I’m sure not many people even knew that. Which is too bad because poetry is a beautiful use of the written word.

Because it’s not all Shakespeare and Emily Dickenson. There are all sorts of poets, just like there are all sorts of novelists. So if you’re looking for a more modern poetry book (with a splash of older poems) check out “Good Poems” a collection by Garrison Keillor. It’s a great collection of poems that can relate to anyone.


3 thoughts on “For life’s not a paragraph”

  1. There was a time when I couldn’t stand cummings, but then my understanding of him just sort of clicked one day. It happened when I was reading “my father moved through dooms of love.” Here’s my favorite stanza:

    his sorrow was as true as bread:
    no liar looked him in the head;
    if every friend became his foe
    he’d laugh and build a world with snow.

  2. I know I should have a book of Cummings’ writing alone, but all I have is a few poems inside an anthology. I congratulate you for buying this. ^^
    I was always a sucker for books, and poetry books in particular. (and the fact that you don’t see more people reading these books out in the open is because, well, it’s a large place. I could bet there was at least ten more people, on campus that do read poetry. ;))

    See you around.

  3. langston hughes is my favorite : ) though i have to admit i usually do not like poetry at all. but love him:

    Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed–
    Let it be that great strong land of love
    Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme
    That any man be crushed by one above.

    (It never was America to me.)

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