When you were young

People seem to read this, I think. But I don’t get many comments. How do I solicit comments from you, dear readers?

Anyway my roommate is currently re-reading a plethora of books from when she was a child. Classics such as The Secret Garden and Harriet the Spy.

And I kind of have a desire to go back to the past and re-read some of my old favorites. Although I’m a little afraid of not loving them as much. The language and plot will not be as thrilling or deep as what I read now. But hopefully that won’t matter. I’m going home in two weeks, so I’ll have to grab a few favorites from my bookshelf. I was always a huge fan of Ann Rinaldi. She wrote historical fiction with young women as the main characters. Not so much your fluffy fairy tales, but real girls facing real challenges in historic times. And each girl always had a boy, of course it was always the pure innocent romance. Most of the girls were between 14 and 16. My favorite by her (and she wrote a LOT) Cast Two Shadows, the story of a girl during the American Revolution whose house is occupied by British soldiers.

What books did you love in your youth?


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