What’s your ‘book love’?

I want this blog to not be just about me, me, me. Because when it comes to books, everyone is different. And something I’m interested in or a book I like may just not appeal to the average reader. If someone reads this and ends up reading a book I suggest, that would be awesome. But I don’t want someone to read this and feel like they’ve taken nothing out of it.

So I’ll try to do some blog-journalism and talk to people about books, do some research and try to incoporate all different elements into this little project of mine.

And while thinking of ideas and of the people I know to be avid readers I realized everyone has thier own kind of ‘book love.’ What I mean by book love is that different people love different kind of books and what they like about books is different, too. For example, my friend Lisa likes many of the same books as me. As well as some lengthy ones, like Gone With the Wind, Anna Karenina and War and Peace. But one thing I always remembered about Lisa was that she loves War and Peace … but only the ‘peace’ parts.

Then there’s my mom, who loves Disney and Halloween but refuses to read fantasy, even Harry Potter (much to the dissappointment of her daughter). My father is big into historical fiction, tales of war and sailing the seven seas. More adventorous novels and biographies as well. Another friend, Bri, loves romance novels and much like myself is a hopeless romantic.

So what do the books we read say about us? We have to have a certain inclination toward certain books — something in them must draws us in. For me, I’m a lover of language. A quote collector. The books I like the most are ones with beautiful language, strong quotes from the characters and most of all — a theme or character I can relate to. If there is nothing within the book for me to connect to, I feel too outside of it. While watching a movie I don’t need such a connection because it takes little imagination. But with a book, if I can’t place myself inside of what is going on I feel lost and disconnected and it becomes less of a story and more just pretty words on paper.

What about you, dear reader? What do you like to read, and what does that say about you? What’s your ‘book love’?


1 thought on “What’s your ‘book love’?”

  1. 🙂

    i’m going through a nonreading period btw. I haven’t read much this month, but that will change soon! I’m glad you started a bloggggg … just don’t quit on it lol

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